Report to parliament

Reports to Parliament

Commissioner's Annual Reports

Within three months after the end of each financial year, the Information Commissioner submits an annual report to Parliament on the activities of the Office during that financial year.

Special Reports
Annual Report on the Administration of the Access to Information Act
Annual Report on the Administration of the Privacy Act


Letters to Parliamentary Committees
Access to Information Act
Privacy Act
Correspondence with Government Officials

Corporate Reports

Departmental Plans

The Departmental Plan (DP) is an annual report tabled in Parliament each spring which provides parliamentarians and Canadians with a high-level h3 of the OIC's plans and priorities. This report provides details on the Office’s main priorities over the next three years by strategic outcome(s), program activity(ies) and expected results.

Departmental Results Reports

The Departmental Results Report (DRR) is an annual report tabled in Parliament each fall. The DRR provides parliamentarians and Canadians with an overview of the OIC’s performance and achievements for the past fiscal year as measured against expected results identified in the corresponding Report on Plans and Priorities (RPPs).

Strategic Planning Reports
Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy
Future-Oriented Financial Statements
Quarterly Financial Reports
Fees reports

Other Documents

Other Documents
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